Zenia ChernykPresident of the Ukrainian Federation of America, Pennsylvania, USA


    • Head of the Ukrainian Federation of America
    • Head of medical programs of the Ukrainian Federation of America
    • Private practice in the specialty of Nephrology Medical Diseases of the Kidney and Hypertension (1981 to February 2008)
    • Group practice with Philadelphia Hypertension and Nephrology Consultants, PC February 2008 to present

    Membership in professional organizations

    • American Osteopathic Association
    • Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association
    • American Heart Association Council Member
    • Ukrainian Medical Association
    • Pennsylvania Medical Society
    • Montgomery County Medical Society

    Experience in organizing events:

    Through Profession: 

    • Hundreds of thousands of patients tested for hepatitis (testing and interpreting test results)
    • Testing and interpreting test results for HIV infected patients
    • Thirty-year (30) experience with dialysis procedures, canulating existing and establishing new dialysis accesses and venopunctures
    • Thirty-year (30) experience with hemoperfusion, hemofiltration (CAVH, CVVH), ultrafilration and plasmaphoresis
    • Treatment of organ transplantation patients
    • Diagnosis and treatment of patients with immune complex mediated diseases and neurologic disorders using blood products. Use of IVIG FFP, PRBC’s, albumin, platelets, cryoprecipitate
    • Thirty- year experience maintaining dialysis units free of Hepatitis B infections

    Through Ukrainian Federation of America (NGO)

    • Leadership of the organization
    • Conducting Health Seminars for Community
    • Organizing blood drives at work place and community
    • Conducting motivational sessions for students and community to promote blood donations
    • Close cooperation with American Red Cross, Regional Health Department, CDC and School of Public Health of Drexel University
    • From Jan 2014 to present – Fundraising for and coordination of international medical help to wounded Ukrainian soldiers. To date 16 wounded brought to the U.S. for treatment through the efforts of the Federation and many more awaiting help.

    Through U.S. State Department

    • Organizing and overseeing Legislative Fellowship Programs in United States for Ukrainian physicians ( development of Public Health Policies, disease tracking and control, development of electronic medical record keeping in Ukraine)
    • Instructor for Open World Programs.