Iryna KlyuchkovskaDirector of International Institute of Education, Culture and Diaspora Relations of Lviv Polytechnic National University


    • Honored Worker of Education, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    • Nominate of Award of Iryna Kalynets “For civic position and courage in upholding Ukrainian ideals”
    • Author of the concept of cooperation between Ukraine and the diaspora, initiator and participant of parliamentary hearings on the World Ukrainians (2009) and migration (2013)
    • The initiator of a number of educational projects, including “Step to Ukraine” and educational information portal “Ukrainian Universe”
    • The author of the project “Children of immigrants themselves” supported by the Embassy of Norway in Ukraine and charity fund “Open Ukraine”;
    • The author of the project “Life for you…” supported by the Embassy of Norway in Ukraine
    • The author of the projects “Open Ukrainian diaspora for Ukraine”, “Culture unites”, “Towards new wave” (the scientific study on labor migration in Ukraine)
    • Author more than 160 publications (124 scientific and 36 educational and methodological)

    Membership in professional organizations

    • Honorary member of the World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations

    Experience in organizing conferences

    • Initiator and organizer of international congresses “Diaspora as a factor in establishing the state of Ukraine in the international community” (2006, 2008, 2010, 2013)
    • The organizer of the conference “Transnational parenthood”, “Ukrainian language in the world”(2011, 2012)
    • Initiated and organized dozens of students meetings  with outstanding personalities in the field of science and culture in Ukraine and abroad