Membership in professional organizations:

  • corresponding member of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine;
  • full member of Shevchenko Scientific Society, deputy head of the physics section; 
  • member of the Scientific Committee of the National Council of Ukraine for the Development of Science and Technology (2017-2019);
  • representative from Ukraine in the Program committee of the European Union Framework Program for Research and Innovation «Horizon 2020» (2019-2020);
  • member of the Executive Committee, head of the physics and astronomy Section of Western Scientific Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;
  • member of Ukrainian Physical Society;
  • member of  the Advisory Board of MECO (Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics);
  • observer of Management Committee of the COST Action TD1210 «Analyzing the dynamics of information and knowledge landscapes – KNOWSCAPE», 2013–2017;
  • member of Management Committee of the COST Action MP0801: «Physics of Competition and Conflicts»;
  • co-funder of the L4 Collaboration and International Doctoral College in Statistical Physics of Complex Systems (Lviv-Nancy-Coventry-Leipzig).

Honors & Awards:

  • distinctions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; 
  • distinctions of the Shevchenko Scientific Society;
  • distinctions of the Johannes Kepler University (Linz, Austria) and Coventry University (Great Britain).

Experience in event organizing:

  • co-organizer of monthly seminars «Horizons of Science», since 2006;
  • organizer of the 2nd interdisciplinary workshop «Physics meets Humanities. Verba et numeri (quantitative approaches to the analysis of language and text)», 2017;
  • organizer of annual workshops «Ising lectures», since 1997;
  • co-organizer of the conference «Statphys – 2019. Statistical Physics: Modern Trends & Applications», 2019. 
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